Welcome to the website of the Village of Melrose Park Fire Department.

The Village of Melrose Park is located 11 miles west of downtown Chicago.

The Melrose Park Fire Department serves a population of approximately 25,400 in an area measuring 5.5 square miles. The men and women of the Melrose Park Fire Department are dedicated to the protection of life and property in their community.

The Melrose Park Fire Department has an ISO rating of 3.

Mission Statement

To protect the lives and property of the residents of the Village of Melrose Park by providing a prompt and effective response to all fire, rescue and medical emergencies.

Vision Statement

To become the premiere fire protection and public safety organization in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The Melrose Park Fire Department will realize its vision and remain committed to its unwavering concern for residents through dedication to continuing education for its firefighters and emergency medical technicians and by its ongoing efforts to provide personnel with well-maintained, state-of-the art equipment.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about our services.

Thank you,

Chief R. Beltrame

There is a $25 fee for each copy of a fire report or an ambulance report.
Last Updated 2/8/2021

Emergency Responses by Month
2020 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Fire 101 69 76 83 90 93 108 113 102 82 91 87
Amb 309 302 277 205 412 299 306 320 318 317 294 297